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The African Apes Foundation will build and provide a permanent sanctuary for the care of African apes that are rescued from the illegal trade or other difficult circumstances and are in desperate need of a new and safe home. In addition, the Foundation will help to rescue other wildlife that are in the same precarious situation.

The Foundation will promote the raising of funds to build a sanctuary in Central Kenya primarily for African apes. The sanctuary’s mission is to house, protect and care for the animals; to educate tourists and local people on the need to preserve the animals and the forests for coming generations. The sanctuary will provide work and sales opportunities for the neighbouring local people.

"In the moment"

Mission Statement

The African Apes Foundation's primary target is to provide a safe haven for confiscated and displaced African apes. In addition, the Foundation will help to rescue other wildlife that are in the same precarious situation.

Chimpanzee facts

The chimpanzee is our closest relative. In fact it is closer to a human being then to a gorilla. It is so closely related that a blood transfusion can be done between a human and a chimpanzee. They actually have the same blood as us, and same blood groups.

Chimpanzees can live to a very old age, the normal average age is around 50 years. However, there are individuals that have become much older in captivity, and some are still alive at the ripe age of 78.

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Chimpanzee hazards

Many people do not realize that the chimpanzee is a highly endangered animal today. We often see chimpanzees in zoos, and they do breed easily in captivity.

The fact that they are seriously threatened in the wild is often forgotten, and instead the gorilla and bonobo takes the stage as the endangered species, which of course is also true. The fact is that ALL apes in Africa and Asia are highly endangered and will more than likely cease to exist in the wild in the next 20 years unless we do something about it.

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How to contribute

All contributions are welcome and you will find the account information below.

Please complete the contribution by sending us an email to contribution@africanapes.com.
Some banks don't include the senders name unless stated by the owner of the account and we would like to thank you personally for your kind donation.

Bankgiro: 829-4308


Account number at SEB 5293-10 104 64
Iban number: SE6250000000052931010464


SWISH (Sweden only): 123 082 5125


Swedish organization number: 802477-3429

Legal status

African Apes is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, registered in Stockholm, Sweden on 15 November 2011.

The Foundation is an independent, humanitarian, non-political, non-religious organization.

Since April 2012 the organization is registered as a charitable limited company under the name African Apes Limited in Nairobi, Kenya.