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Benefits for the local people

Primarily, the project will provide job opportunities for the local people. Locals will be employed and trained to be keepers, fencers and for other positions according to need.

Most local people own small pieces of land, where they grow food for themselves and their families. They depend on selling their products at the market, to get money to buy clothes and other necessary items for the family.

The Ape Project can offer local people the opportunity to grow food for the apes on a permanent basis so they can get a steady income. This will enable them to plan their expenses and save towards major expenses, such as school fees. The elderly and the widows who raise their children on their own should be given priority. It will enable them to support themselves, retain their dignity, and allow their children higher education. It is the best form of help-to self help one can give.

The project will attract many tourists who will want to buy souvenirs. Handicraft can be produced locally – anything from carvers skilfully working their products in non-tropical hardwood and recycled materials to beadwork and other items. The Project will help the local people sell their products. The carvers will be supported by the project on the condition that they have followed the proper rules and produced their carvings from non-indigenous trees. Eventually, the carvers themselves will probably proudly educate the tourists about the necessity to protect the trees.

The local people are normally very industrious and have many good ideas on products that will interest the tourists.

Eventually, there will be a restaurant with employment opportunities for local people. Again, local staff will be trained for work in the restaurant.

Mission Statement

The African Apes Foundation's primary target is to provide a safe haven for confiscated and displaced African apes. In addition, the Foundation will help to rescue other wildlife that are in the same precarious situation.