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Newsletters from Ann

Newsletter from Ann – March 2013

A meeting with the Swedish Minister of Environment was scheduled for the 20th of February, but it had to be cancelled as she unfortunately was too ill to travel to her meeting in Nairobi. Instead, I have finalized a long letter, and also received two different reports on how bad the situation is regarding ape smuggling and the illegal trade in the [...] Read more

Meeting with CITES in Dar es Salaam March 2012

The 26th January 2012, a meeting, called by our Swedish Minister of Trade, was held in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. I was honored to be called to this meeting and it was in aid of trying to get CITES (Convention for International Trade of Endangered Species) Secretariat and other organizations to have a closer cooperation in order to try to stop the [...] Read more

Nairobi in October 2011

Finally back at home after three safaris in a row as well as a Swedish TV show, called Animal Hospital. I helped the TV‐team getting all the animals as well as with most of the logistics in order to come and film in Kenya. It will be screened on SVT1 in March or the beginning of April 2012. The veterinarians in the series are Bengt Ole Roken, [...] Read more

Mission Statement

The African Apes Foundation's primary target is to provide a safe haven for confiscated and displaced African apes. In addition, the Foundation will help to rescue other wildlife that are in the same precarious situation.